As the lights went black

Halloween is around the corner! And with all the hubbub over Stephen King movie adaptations in the news lately, I’ve had some recent conversations with friends about my personal favorite classic horror authors. I was shocked at how many people hadn’t heard of some of them. So I’m sharing some of my recommendations here, in … Continue reading As the lights went black

Missed You On Monday

On January 30, Graves wrapped up. The finale featured explosions, reflections, reunions, and hints of possibilities for the future. I miss writing in that world already, and new ideas keep whispering temptingly in my ear all the time. (Happily reinforced by comments and messages from Graves readers--love you guys!) As of February 2, Crowmakers is … Continue reading Missed You On Monday

More web serial news!

Following the indefinite delay of the publication of the second book in the Crowmakers series and the success of Graves, I regrouped and have taken Crowmakers in a new direction. You can now read the continuation of Crowmakers in web serial format. Here's the official blurb: AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, ANCIENT POWER, AND A WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE. The experimental … Continue reading More web serial news!