Impressions & Guest Appearances

My life sort of veered away from writerly pursuits over the last month. I’ve used some of the time to take a step back and start reassessing career goals, that sort of thing. But I’m still here!

May is turning out to be a little bit about new connections. There is a lovely community of web serialists over at Web Fiction Guide. Among them are Rev. Fitz, who has undertaken the brave task of writing a daily first impression review of a new serial each day. You can find his review of Crowmakers here. Then you might want to stick around and see what he has to say about other serials–you might find something new for your summer reading list!

Later in May, I will be making a guest appearance on the site of Drew Hayes, author of Super Powereds and the Fred the Vampire Accountant book series (as well as a pretty cool blog and just a few other stories). Hope to see you there–in the meantime, go check out Drew’s site!

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