Then Came The Rain

The Crowmakers hiatus is over! You can read the opening scene of Episode 4: Then Came The Rain at both the official Crowmakers web serial and at Royal Road Legends. I’m back into the thick of being excited to see where the story takes us next and nervous about not already knowing. It’s funny how no matter how many years I’ve spent writing, I still worry that one day maybe I won’t remember how to put words on a page. For the moment, however, Kellen, Vincent, Ger, and the rest of the Crowmakers crew are speaking clearly, so head on over and find out how they’re coping with the fallout from Ep 3’s conclusion.

On other fronts, I’m tentatively contemplating a couple of non-serial projects, one of which involves Graves. I don’t want to jinx myself, so I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks, as always, to my awesome readers for your enthusiasm and support. You’re the best!

(I don’t deliberately use musical references in Crowmakers like I did in Graves. But yes, the title of this update and of Crowmakers Ep 4 is a line from a song–in this case “Dirt And Roses” by Rise Against. I encourage you to track it down, check it out, remember to offer moral and/or financial support to your favorite artists, etc.)

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