Missed You On Monday

On January 30, Graves wrapped up. The finale featured explosions, reflections, reunions, and hints of possibilities for the future. I miss writing in that world already, and new ideas keep whispering temptingly in my ear all the time. (Happily reinforced by comments and messages from Graves readers–love you guys!)

As of February 2, Crowmakers is on hiatus following the finale of Episode 3, “Monsters of Our Own Making.” That finale also featured just a tiny bit of explosive action, accompanied by a weighty revelation. I also miss that world already, although I will of course be returning to it sooner.

In the meantime, other obligations will be keeping me busy for a short time. While you’re waiting for either or both of my serials to resume production, allow me to point you toward A Stillness of the Sun (the Crowmakers prequel) as well as my Amazon page.

And while you’re here, have a video of a song* by Dan Andriano, 1/3 of Alkaline Trio and possibly an inspiration for Jude Boerio. (Albeit a slightly more mellow song than you will generally hear from AT.)

*As always, if you come across an artist whose work you enjoy, I encourage you to show your support by purchasing their music or merchandise! Those guys gotta eat, too.

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