New Year, New Words

In my worlds this month:

The Graves gang is up to their eyeballs in an attempted revolutionary coup. So far, so good–but Commander Tapia isn’t going down easy, and she holds the lives of thousands in Ardica City’s sub-levels in her wicked hands. The final showdown is on.

There’s a showdown of sorts happening in Crowmakers, too, although it’s of the peaceable sort. Mostly. So long as all goes well. But of course, how often does that happen?

My college-age boys were home for three long and wonderful weeks over winter break, which happily coincided with the weeks which I spent writing the final scenes of Graves. Which was a good thing, because writing those last scenes was excruciatingly difficult on many levels, so the moral support was much-needed. Difficult as the writing was, however, I am pleased with the results and hope my Graves readers will be, too. (As pleased as you can be by something ending, anyhow.) In any event, there will be 12 parts in total to Graves’ final episode. The final scene of “Lanterns” (and the series finale) will post on January 30.

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Happy New Year, and happy reading!

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