Ho, ho… whoa!

Readership stats for Graves exploded this month! Most of the hits appear to be coming from Top Web Fiction, so my gratitude to them and to those of my readers who voted Graves high enough on the list to gain some extra visibility there. Welcome to any of those new Graves fans who have made their way here!

As of this week, Graves is well into its series finale–the boulder, as they say, is rolling down the hill, and it is picking up a lot of drama along the way. If you’re behind on the story, holiday break is the perfect time to catch up. You can even listen to the Graves soundtrack while you read!

Drama is also the order of the day over at Crowmakers. (Funny how that works, isn’t it?) Watch as intentions good and bad blow up in people’s faces. Because hey, it’s amusing so long as it’s not YOUR face, right?

Remember that you can sign up to follow this site to get monthly news about my writerly pursuits in general. You can also subscribe directly to the Graves or Crowmakers sites to receive email notifications of any happenings there.

Happy holidays to all! Keep being awesome!

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