November News

This month in my worlds…

In Crowmakers, screws are tightening and mysteries are thickening. (Just what is going on with those Crows, anyhow?)

Graves Episode 7 finale is up! Ep 8, “Lanterns,” will launch on Monday. (Rise Against, for those wanting to give the titular song a listen.) There’s time to catch up at the Graves serial site!

And a piece of somewhat bittersweet news regarding Graves: Episode 8 will be the series finale. As with the other episodes, this will take 10-12 weeks to get through, but it will be the final episode of this web serial. If this news makes you sad, fret not! I love this world and suspect there will be more stories to come from it, just not on a regular weekly schedule. You can sign up to follow this site to get monthly news about my writerly pursuits in general, or you can subscribe directly to the Graves site to receive email notifications of any new Graves-related happenings after Episode 8 wraps sometime in January 2017. Your readership has made this trip incredibly fun and rewarding for me. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the impending final episode as much as I am enjoying the writing of it.

In other news (because I completely forgot to mention it last time), I have once again received an honorable mention at the Writers of the Future contest, this time for my as-yet-unpublished story entitled “The Society of the Woman in the Wilderness.”

As always, thanks so much for being amazing readers! Your support means a great deal to me.

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