January 2015 Update

Past time for an update! After a flurry of activity the last couple of months, I’m pleased to announce that most of my previously-published works are now available, along with the first book of my new Crowmakers series. All my books are available in ebook format, while More Than Magic: A Collection of Fantasy Short Stories and A Stillness of the Sun (Crowmakers: Book 1) are also available in print. Check at your favorite online retailer! You can buy my currently available books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and iBooks.

If you’re not sure you’re into speculative fiction, then Dreaming in Color is likely your best starting point. It contains five very short stories mostly revolving around life as a young mother and the transformative moments that experience brings. Fan of fantasy stories? More Than Magic or The World Between Earth & Sky might suit you. If fantasy with a twist of gunpowder and steampunk sounds appealing, the Crowmakers series might interest you.

Whatever your choice, thank you for stopping in! Book 2 of Crowmakers, The River Rising, is due out in April 2015. Hopefully, there will be some news on the short story front to share soon, too. Keep your eye on this site for details!

I would also like to pause and shift the spotlight over to the people who, over the years, have critiqued, collaborated, commiserated, and cheered me on. You make all the difference. I hope you know it, but if you didn’t, then consider yourself informed. Thank you, so very, very much.

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